Grinnell-B-Q: Biking with Watermelon

Tis the season of the barbecue.  bbq

Yes, that lovely time of year when we all get together and eat exclusively meat fresh off of the grill, when we savor the rustic scent of real America (‘murica).


This image brought to you by

Here in Iowa, where the corn is fresh, the people smiley, and the water polluted with agricultural runoff, we take our barbecue seriously.  Or so I would imagine.  As an Iowa transplant who has barbecued with only other Iowa transplants, I really have no idea.

(If you want real Iowa BBQ, visit Smokin’ G’s BBQ in Marshalltown.)

Also, as a veggie human I always make sure to have some grilled vegetables available, further detracting from the authenticity of my BBQ experience.

authentic1authentic2 authentic3 authentic4



Nevertheless, I’ve been having a lot of fun with this whole BBQ deal.

(See photo series below.  Images courtesy of Geneva.)


Figure 1. Emma-n-Mushroom


Figure 2. Emma-n-Rock


Figure 3. Emma-n-Rock 2 

Also, here’s a picture of young Hillary Rodham Clinton:


“What are barbecues without Hillary Clinton?”

-My Brilliant Roomate

“Hanky, can I get a roommate quote for my blog?”




“I am a watermelon.”

-Roommate #4

Also, Hillary’s childhood friends include Rickets and Betsy Ebeling… just so y’all know.

But now let us turn back to the wonderful world of barbecue, with its rich, meaty, smoky aromas.


As we return, we shall make a slight foray into the tangentially relevant field of mosquitoes and their undesirable effects.  (Remember bug spray!)


The following is a PSA brought to you by the staff of the Mayo Clinic:

Mosquito bites are caused by female mosquitoes, which feed on your blood. (Please click on that link.  Please.)  The protein in the blood stream allows them to produce eggs, thus male mosquitoes lack this ability.

Mosquito are drawn to their victims by scent, exhaled carbon dioxide, and chemicals excreted in their sweat.

Female mosquitoes have a mouthpiece which allows them to pierce the skin and siphon off blood.  As a mosquito fills with blood, she injects saliva into the skin of her victim.  This saliva will trigger a mild reaction in the victim’s immune system– the swelling and itching that we associate with the bites.

So mosquitoes suck (xoxo pun-love), both because of the itchiness they inspire, and because of their more serious side effects: the nefarious bug-things can also carry West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.  The mosquito picks up these viruses when it bites an infected individual, and transfers them to new victims with its saliva (the stuff that is already bad because it makes you itch).

Luckily, as points out emphatically, “You won’t need to see your doctor for a mosquito bite.”

So instead of worrying about bug bites, take a step outside!  Breathe in the humidity!  Embrace the sweat of the outdoors, and barbecue yourself

some food.

Happy summering!

some food

Some food ^


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